Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Cosmo's World Losing It's Crowd

Last Sunday, I went to the Berjaya Times Square, KL to meet my 3 good friends when I was in the matriculation, Daus, Man, and Shah (he came late). Our first destination was of course, one of the main attractions there, the Cosmo's World Theme Park which, reportedly, the biggest indoor theme park in the Southeast Asia.

We arrived at 11am and to our surprise, there's barely anyone there, except for several families and two tourists guy. With the thought that it's still early, we enter the park (with RM25 fee each), to avoid the crowd later. So we played, and played, and played, and played. It's 1pm, and we've rode the roller coaster for like 4 times. But there's still NO CROWD. I still remember my first visit there, during it's first month of opening, the crowd was so huge that you have to queue up for half an hour to ride a game. Now, just after a year, the park is losing it's crowd, maybe they've bored with the same ride over and over again, and the expensive fees too. I think the park still belum balik modal and the management must do something to win the visitors back, like adding new attractions (to the already over-crowded space) or lowering the fees.


ST_one said...

I went there before during form 5 holiday. It was crazy and the crowd was astonishing.

ST_one said...

oops, i jsut realised taht this is 2005 post...hehe

Adian said...

omg omg omg sansit, you commented on a classic entry! haha... i didn't even know you at this time.

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