Friday, April 29, 2005

My Best Friend's Wedding

Last night, I watched my "My Best Friend's Wedding" DVD for the i-don't-even-remember-coz-it's-countless times. One word - CLASSIC. It's been 8 years (it premiered in 1997) but the film never loses it's touch. In fact, everything about it - the scenes, the dialogues, the songs - has become timeless.

I believe most of you have watched this movie, so maybe no synopsis required here. Julia Roberts displayed a spectacular performance as Julianne, alongside Dermot Mulroney (Mike), Cameron Diaz (Kimmy), and the ever charming Rupert Everett as George. Can you believe that he's a gay in real life? Nevertheless, this is a perfect model to make a good romantic comedy. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, and most importantly it makes you feel good - that's what a comedy should do.

Anyway, here's some trivias from IMDB.COM

- Julia Robets hand-picked both Dermot Mulroney and Cameron Diaz for this film.

- There was actually an alternative ending to this movie, where Julianne and Michael end up together, but after test audienced didn't like it, the director filmed this alternative ending (which repotedly costs an additional $12 million).

- The scene where everyone gathers in a large room to watch Kimmy throw the bouquet was filmed at Cuneo Museum and Gardens in Illinois. the movie crews removed the large carpet from the floor and stored it someplace - it took the museum staff several months to find it again.

Have a nice weekend ahead!


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