Tuesday, April 26, 2005

UTM Interview

Earlier today, I went for an interview for the Architecture course at the UTM City Campus, KL, hoping that the disastrous UKM interview last Saturday won't repeat itself.

And luckily, it turns out pretty well.

I believe there's several batches for the day. My batch (starts at 2pm) consists of around 30 hopeful applicants. First, we had a 1-hour test, asking some general architecture questions (ie. state a famous local and international architect that you know), to some not-so-general one (State two principles of architecture that were used in building a Roman structure in a pic given). We were also asked to design our dream study area, and draw a pic of a city that we've been to, complete with details, peoples, etc. 1 hour feels so fast! I didn't manage to finish my city drawing. (I draw Jalan Bukit Bintang area)

Next, we were divided into 6 groups, each have it's own interviewer. I was the last in my group (hate waiting), and while my group members spent like 15 mins each, my interview session lasted for only 7 mins. Luckily, the interviewer was far far far more merciful and likeable than the one from UKM, and asked me relatively easy and general questions (ie. what do you think of National Service, bla bla). Hmm... maybe he's tired of interviewing and just want to cut it short.

Before leaving, he asked me if I have anything to ask him.

"Hmm... okay, how much have applied for this course?"

"2300. But only the top 400 are called for the interview,"

"How much will you take?"


Looks like I have to do a lot of solat hajat.


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