Sunday, May 22, 2005

Akademi Fantasia Returns

Akademi Fantasia returns! Yesterday's night (Saturday) was the PRE-premiere of the 3rd season of the much anticipated reality TV phenomenon Akademi Fantasia. Why PRE? It's because this year, there's a slight change of format, where the last stage of audition was televised live, eliminating 8 people from the shorlisted 20 to get the 12 finalists. So here the 12 finalists - names you'll be sure to remember in the coming months - AKMA, AIDIL, AMY, AMYLEA, EKIN, ELLIZA, FELIX, FUAD, IDAYU, KEFLI, REZA and YAZER. So who will reign as the champion this year alongside Vince and Zahid?


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