Saturday, May 28, 2005

Forget the Costume and Catwoman Rocks!

Familiar with the picture above? Saw it somewhere? Yeah, it's from last year's major flop Catwoman, the film so so so badly criticised by reviewers and eventually only took in $45 mil from $85 mil spent to make it. I just downloaded it using torrent yesterday (yeah, torrent rocks! so what, sue me??) and decided to give it a shot with low expectations. Truly low. (hey, who will? this movie 'won' Worst Picture alongside Worst Director, Screenplay and Actress for Hally Berry at last year's Razzie Awards - the contrary of Oscar) And guess what? I find myself surprisingly entertained by it! The plot was uncomplicated, the stroyline was fast-paced, the cinematography was truly brilliant, the action sequences rocks, and Hally Berry never failed to deliver. The downside? Yeah, the costume was wayyyy hideous. It turned the super hot Berry into some kind of circus performer. Yuck! (The costume designer really should be fired). And because of the silly sexy costume, it makes this movie loses it's focus, should viewers admire Catwoman or her breast? But, just because of the silly costume, it doesn't mean the movie should turn into junk? Hell, no. I think the other reason why this movie was so hated by viewers is because of the 'girl power' in it. Both the hero and the antagonist (played brilliantly by Sharon Stone) is woman and there's a lot of 'catwoman-fighting-men' scenes that makes this movie so woman-isque. And men with their ego always hated that. They always want to be 'the hero', 'the strength', etc., which turns Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and even The Incredi-Horrible Hulk into blockbuster flicks. Really, don't listen to the critics, have an open mind, watch Catwoman, and have fun.


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