Saturday, May 21, 2005

Long Live Charmed

Are you a fan of CHARMED? If you are, there's a reason to celebrate as the supernatural sensation has been picked up by The WB Network for it's 8th season! Wow, only a few series survive that long. Charmed premiered on the WB in 1998 and has taken the world by storm ever since, creating a solid loyal fan base. The departure of one of the three "Charmed Ones", Prue (played by Shannen Doherty) during the end of the 3rd season, didn't affect the ratings, but only generated more ideas for the writers as they introduced the long lost sister Paige (Rose McGowan) at season 4. But the ratings have been dangerously low lately (especially at season 6 onwards), and the risk of Charmed to be cancelled was undeniably high. But thanks to the fans who throw their neverending support (writing letters to the network, sign petition, etc), the WB has agreed to pick up Charmed for another full season. In Malaysia, Charmed was screened on NTV7 since 2000 and stopped last year at season 5. I don't know if there's any plan to continue it this year, but I don't care much 'coz that's why Kazaa was created. :)

For Charmed fans who would like to recreate the magic of the early years, a good news for you too! Maybe most of you have known that Season 1 of Charmed have been released on DVD on February 1st this year. And guess what? It's just the beginning of a Charmed year! Season 2 will be available sometime on August, season 3 on October and season 4 on December! Yay!


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