Wednesday, June 08, 2005

2 Romatic Comedies, 2 Nights, too British-y...

I watched 2 Kazaa-downloaded British romantic comedy last 2 nights, Bridget Jones's Diary and Notting Hill. They're both on my DVD-to-buy list, so I decided to have the first look, if they're worth it. Turns out in the end, after watching it, I can safely cross both off my list. Thank God.


Bridget Jones's Diary
The reviews were fantastic. I nearly purchased it together with the sequel, Edge of Reason (sequels always mean that the first one is good, right?) Turns out that this is just not my kinda. Maybe only people with Bridget's problem (overweight, alcoholism, desperately single) will love it to get some sort of "inspiration" for them to change. For me, it's just a sex comedy (or comedy with lots of sex element) with Renee putting on hideous sexy outfit. It paid her off, she got an Oscar nomination for this role. Looks like I shouldn't bother the sequel. (By the way, I saw snippets of this movie in the TV3's Mega Movie slot promo. I don't think this movie will pass to our TV easily without lots of cuts)


Notting Hill
Julia Roberts was one of my favourite actress that always make a film watchable, or so I thought. The starting was quite good, and the end too. But the middle was just... usual. There's not much comedic moments (This is romantic comedy. It's supposed to have lots of it), though I can't stop smiling throughout the movie. The premise was good, but I don't know, there's just no strong 'stay-tuned-till-the-end' factor. Coincidentally, Hugh Grant appeared in both movies, playing the bad guy and good guy. He's terrific. I'm envied!

Maybe British film wasn't my type. Or maybe my brain has been crammed with Hollywood-style of movies, British might find it a little tougher to slips in. Anyway, 28 Days Later is my favourite British production.


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