Friday, June 24, 2005

3 Things Bothering Me Right Now

Today (June 24th) I was confirmed for my course. On July 3rd, I'll be checkin' in to campus. It means that I (and thousand of others) will only have altogether 9 DAYS (or 8 days for UTM, as they will check in a day earlier) to get things prepared. And when I said things, didn't only I mean the usual yadda-yadda-clothes-food-stationery-note books-etc kind of things, but also the WHOLE LOAD of official things required for the registration day, as stated in the yet-to-recieve official letter (but I've check the online version of it), including numerous forms that needs new photos, medical checkups confirmation, x-ray films, etc. Seriously, I'm not a big fan of those procedures. So besides "shopping" for my university thingy, I can expect taking passport-size photos, going for medical checkups, and photocopying my and my parents ICs, birth certificates, etc. God! This is soo time-consuming. So many things, so little time. At least, give us more time. Get the results out earlier or extend the registration date.

By the way, it's confirmed, I'll be the ONLY in my practicum placed in UKM. So I guess I'll never got to see them again. But on the lighter side, my former roomate Afeeq, and my old school friends Huda and Wan got to UKM too. And talking about UKM, I started to think that I've made a serious mistake for choosing this course here as I discovered something that doesn't look so nice about it. But I'm trying to think as positively as I can, and think of the lighter side. Let time tell it.

I also took a look the map of the campus, and to my horror, the distance between my faculty and my college is DEFINITELY NOT A STONE'S THROW. It is waaay tooo far. How will I get to the lectures? I'm not sure if there's a bus service. First year students aren't allowed to bring motor-powered vehicle other than motorcycle to the campus, and I don't have motorcycle license. Bicycle? Are you trying to be funny?

So to sum it all up, there's 3 MAIN THINGS cramming into my head right at this moment.
1. To get things prepared in 9 days.
2. If this choice is a serious mistake, due to some issues.
3. The distance from my college to my faculty.


sayRA said...

thin..i'm gonna miss u like hell..i dont know whether i can contact u as often as i do now when i get to sarawak..i'm really sad coz it is very far but at the same time excited..i hope i'll be ok..sorry for any misunderstanding..going to miss u very you always my dearest n only twin..ahdian

sayRA said...

oh my god!That is suppose to be twin!!Wrong spelling...sorry..

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