Tuesday, June 28, 2005

5 Days to Go and Finally Preparation Takes Place

Last night I watched my torrent downloaded Senario XX (What? You thought only Hollywood movies can? Malaysia also bolehlah now!) Honestly, this is not the best Senario film (which for me, is Senario Lagi), but you can expect a plenty of big laughs here. The spoof for Edisi Siasat made me laugh the most. Just a warning for you who decide to watch it: Don't over expecting. You'll be sorry.

Now back to my story for today, where I finally make a plenty of preparation. Not the shopping thingy yet, but the painstaking official ones. I took medical checkup at Sentul, costing me (my dad actually) RM75, then to the nearby Bumiputra Commerce to bank-in the fees, which cost him another RM1,177. I plan to open the account there too (as needed for the PTPTN apllication), but I was imformed that I should do it at the nearest branch from my home, which is at Sri Gombak. So we proceeded there, where I finally got it after an hour (and cost my dad an additional RM100 for the basic saving amount). My dad's been out of his office all day long for these things. Thanks a lot, dad!

Hmm, the majority of official procedures have been checked, so tomorrow I'm planning to copy my IC, SPM, Matriculation certificates, etc. and hand it to Hilma, so she can give it to Wan, and Wan can give it to her dad to get it certified (actually the original plan was to get it certified by my former school's principal, but if there's an easier way, then why should I waste it?). And the event I'm waiting since the matriculation, WAR OF THE WORLDS!!!! Can't wait!


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