Monday, June 27, 2005

6 Days to Go and What I Do is Booking Movie Tickets for My Friends

It's 6 days before the registration day (am I making a countdown? it's really unintentional, really) and again, I didn't make any preparation whatsoever earlier today. I was SMSing with Aimi telling her I've book ticket for War of the Worlds on Wednesday, and she told me that she and her friends are also planning to watch it on the same day. So I suggested to book tickets for them too (cos I'm pretty sure that it will be very hard to find tickets for a movie on it's opening day). She OK-ayed the idea, and I successfully booked it after trying for 3 hours! TGV website really sucks today! The connection to the website was sooo slow, it's really feels like stuck in a traffic jam. I don't know why, maybe thousands of other people are trying to book for tickets too. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the 1.35 pm showtime have been reserved, but surprisingly there's a lot more seat unreserved at the back-est row - considered the best seat available. And more surprisingly, the first five rows from front are fully booked. I don't know why? Since when people enjoy watching cinema from the front seats? I think maybe they were confused with the seating plan, which one is the front-est and the back-est. I've confirmed with Dian, my cinemaholic friend, that TGV's front-est aisle is A, while GSC's is vice versa, where row A is the back-est one. So that's the main story for today. Hehehe. And on the night, I finally got myself photo-ed, where unsurprisingly again, the photos are disasterous. Why does my picture never looks the same as my mirror image? Which one is true, I guess?

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" - Evil Queen in Cinderella


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