Wednesday, June 29, 2005

6 Stars for War of the Worlds...

"Daddy, what on earth is that?"
"How should I know dear, everything looks like Katie Holmes to me right now"

SUPERBLY SPECTACULAR! My decision of making War of the Worlds as the only cinema event during my 3-month-holiday proved to be a very wise one. Thankfully I've booked the tickets, people who stuck in the neverending queue looked enviously (like the aliens did when looking at Earth), as I went straight to the ticket-booking counter (though there's also a 5-minute queue) hehehe. The cinema was fully packed for the 1.35pm showtime, all waiting in anticipation for the movie that the fantastic earth-squashing trailer left them jaw-dropped. After some commercials and the trailer for the upcoming December-release King Kong, finally the movie started at 1.42pm. I'm really not going to give you the storyline or synopsis, the dazzling earth-shattering CGI-ed sequence alone is worth your money. Believe me. Jaw dropping, eye popping, heart pumping, this 1-hr-and-58-mins movie is a real visual candy. You'll be gripping you seat in terror. And the acting is undeniably superb, especially for my favourite Dakota Fanning as little Rachel and Tom Cruise with his usual screen antics. If you plan to watch only a movie this year, go watch this right now!

6 STARS (out of 5)


azreeN-HOnEY said...

yeah yeah,tp ending dier xbest sgtla adian..adui..bgmaner rasernyer dengan drama dalam panggung?tanak citer?wakakka

adian said...

haha, lupe plak pasal drama tu. tapi xde pengakhiran la, wat penat je tunggu luar panggung. Takde pun sun*** yg disumpah seranah makcik tu. heheh

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