Sunday, June 26, 2005

7 Days to Go and What I Do is Booking Movie Ticket

It's 7 days to go before the registration day, but I can't do any preparation today cause as I wrote earlier yesterday, my parents are off to my cousin's engagement for the whole long day. I flipped through the Mingguan Malaysia and came across an ad for War of the Worlds, with the letterings "Be the first to watch it - book tickets now" on the top. So, without hesitation, I went to TGV Online with the hope to reserve myself a ticket to my event of the year (yeah, bigger than IPTA, hehe). Thankfully, there's a lot more seats unreserved. I reserved myself a seat at TGV KLCC on June 29th at 1.35 pm, at the best seat available - backest (I don't know if this is right) and center. So much for a day's job.


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