Saturday, June 25, 2005

8 Days to Go and Still Nothing

8 days to go before the registration day, and there's still no preparation whatsoever. The official letter arrived in my mailbox earlier today, and besides checking, reading, and filling some forms, I did noting further. The first thing I have to do is to send the answer card (saying that I accept the course) as soon as possible, but I can't before I get myself a passport sized self-photo to be pasted there. I have last year's (taken for the matriculation registration), but it looks horrible (though I'm not so sure if this year's gonna be any better :) Tomorrow, my parents will go to Malacca to attend my cousin's engagement (which thank Goodness, I won't attend. This engaging-and-wedding type of event just not my cup of tea, hehe) So, I'll have to get myself photo-shooted (that sounds like celebrity, heheh) on Monday, by hook or by crook!


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