Thursday, June 23, 2005


Alhamdulillah! Highest of praises goes to Him. I was surfing the Net when suddenly my practicum mate from Kelantan called me and asked about my IPTA result. I told him it's gonna be out tomorrow. But he said he's already got the result via SMS. God, it's out already? So, hand-shaken, I logged on to but still no updates there. Then I went to, and it's been updated! At this moment I was in deep suspense and with al-fatihah I typed my IC no. into the space provided and waith breathlessly for the results to came out. It took a while, before the moment of truth arrived. OH MY GOD! I got my second choice, Architecture in UKM!!! Thank you God!

I then checked my practicum mates results. What? I am the only one in UKM? No!!! Several of them got to UTM, UUM, KUTKM, and one each for UPM, KUiTTHO, UiTM and USM. I'll be all lonely there.


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