Wednesday, June 29, 2005

... And 1 Star for War of the Audiences

As Azreen noted, there's a little "drama" in the cinema during the screening of War of the Worlds earlier today. The audience were in deep suspense as the alien tripod machine's about to rise from the earth, when suddenly we heard some voice in the middle of the audience, (sounds like an chinese/indian auntie, I think so) speaking loudly. At first, i thought this lady was talking to the telephone, but 10 seconds later, the voice became louder, and sounded like scolding someone. The audience started to went from "shh..." to "diamla", and "hei senyapla" to "shut it". But the lady, instead of shut her ass mouth up, continued scolding with explicit words like "sund** ", "pu**mak", and "ingat panggung bapak u ka", and lastly, she left a warning "kat luar nanti, siap la u". Whooaaa... very scary indeed! But after the movie ends, the identity of the lady remains unknown (except for people around her and the one she scolded), and the warning "kat luar nanti, siap la u" remains a warning, cos there's nothing outside the cinema after the movie ends. heheh. After all, this little "drama" provide some humorous moments for the unhumorous movie.

1 STAR (out of 5)


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