Thursday, June 02, 2005


Just got back from Kota Bharu, checkin' my dear friend Sara's blog. She's in Italy? Wow! How cool was that? No wonder she haven't reply my messages. So, how was my own cuti-cuti in KB? Actually not so cuti-cuti. My family's there for some business, so we didn't spend days touring, apart from Pasar Siti Khadijah, I didn't go anywhere else. Yes, I mean it. And I was SO DAMN CLOSE to meet my matriculation friend Wan (or We, hehe) but missed it. Right place but wrong time (not wrong, but late by a couple of mins, arrghh). Hmm... anything else? Yeah, my chalet was directly facing the beach (300-400 m afar) and it's been a pretty long time since I last saw (not saw, but been close to) the beach. I lived in Terengganu for 6 years (3 years by the sea) and since then, I became so muak of the beach. And after such a long time, the sea breeze in the evening (with songs from my love-u-so-much MP3 player) was such a beautiful thing to feel. Thanks to my friends Wan, Aainaa and Ili for giving me infos on tourist spots. You guys were really helpful, but unfortunately I didn't have so much time. Got back tonight. Strictly no offence intended but 3 days in KB make I appreciate KL even more.


aReNisPiNky said...

iyee .. KELANTAN sux !! damn bored .. hish .. 3 words dat i can describe bout KELANTAN .. BUROK , DIRTY , X MAJU ..

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