Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bruce Almighty

"My first wish is... 7 fingers?"

Watched Bruce Almighty yesterday and it's definitely no wonder why this movie made an astonishing $242 mil back in 2003. It's a comedy that make you laugh the hell out of you at one moment, and touch your heart at another. Bruce Almighty almost didn't make it to our cinemas because of the controversial storyline, but after watching it, I wonder why such a thing (the controversy) existed. First of all, it's a comedy, people! Not Passion of The Christ! You can't take it seriously. Secondly, it's Hollywood! Tell me what Hollywood haven't done? Witchcraft? Satanic? And thirdly, this movie does have it's moral value. It somehow strengthen my faith (to my own God), and make me realize more to the importance of prayers (doa) and the fact that He always listen to it. Nevertheless, another must-add to my DVD collection.


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