Tuesday, June 14, 2005

IPTA Admission Results!

(Utusan Malaysia, May 26th 2004)

No no no, don't panic!
I found this last year's newspaper clipping on the net. Yeah, it's last year's. hehehe. There's been quite a buzz about IPTA admission application results, with SMS came flying around stating dates as early as 14th June (yesterday) at 2.30pm, and as expected, it was a hoax. So, the million dollar question now is, when will it be available? So this clipping is a proof, that the moment you know, the whole nation will know, as the Ministry of Higher Education will let the public know via newspaper.

Officially this year, there's 6 channels to check the results:

Channel 1
UPU InfoLINE - 600 83 7890

Channel 2
Tele-UPU-Celcom - 600 85 2200

Channel 3

Channel 4

Channel 5

Channel 6
UPU-SMS - type UPUic no. and send to 32300
RM1 will be charged for each SMS.


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