Friday, June 03, 2005

Money Money Money

It will be a pleasure to lay my hands on some of this.

Feel like posting something here tonight but I don't have any idea what to post. My airtime credit just ran out a moment ago. Apart from the bank, I'm pretty cash-less right now. Check my wallet and you'll find a couple of coints sum up less than a buck. How bad that sounds. It's hard to live without money. "Work" you tell me? "Work" your ass. Excuse me but my emotion kinda shitty right now, maybe because my lack of money. I worked before, while waiting for my SPM results at my dad's company. HALF (read it, HALF) from my already-little wage went straight to the restaurant back there where I had my lunch everyday. Three months of tiresome account balancing work, three months, or a quarter of a year, doing the same thing over and over and over again, until I feel like puke while staring at the figures. I mean it. It's just unbearable. Thank God I didn't take accounting course. So now here I am, jobless and cashless, and summer movie blockblusters season just opening it's curtain. War of the Worlds, Madagascar, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and a huge load of Hollywood must-watch movies lining up to be watched. And DVDs, what a long list I got, don't know when will I finally buy them.


aReNisPiNky said...

poor my bro .. dont woory cuz i oso running out of credit !! baroo igt nk 'paw' .. die pon x de credit ..

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