Thursday, June 23, 2005

MTEN Forum

AWESOME! That's one word best decribing the MTEN Economic Forum with Matriculation Students, held in Dynasty Hotel, KL for an unfortunately short 2 days. What makes it more fun and worth it, Firdaus, my practicum mate was also there, and we shared the RM320-a-night room. We spent the whole day chit-chatting. And the meals were pretty good too. Last night, the participants had dinner with Minister in the Ministry Department, YB Datuk Mustapa Mohamed. Totally, there's 5 talk segments throughout the whole event, with various topics, from Malaysia towards the 'negara maju' status, to a 'kuliah subuh' about Islam Hadhari, were given out by several figures and penalists, including the Managing Director of Higher Education Department, where he confirmed that the IPTA admission results will be out on June 24th. Some talks bored me to death, and some made me laugh the hell. And save the best for last, not only all of us were given free accomodation and free meals, during the end there's even a transport allowance given depending on the state where the participants came from. All the Selangorians (me included) received RM50 each! What could I possibly ask for more?

p/s: Thanks a LOT to my practicum mate Faizal who told me about this and asked me to go.


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