Monday, June 06, 2005

My Series of Unfortunate Events

Here's my series of unfortunate events today

  • I decide to get myself some DVDs today (ok, that's not unfortunate, but the beginning of it all)
  • Got no extra car, which means I have to wait for PUTRA bus
  • I waited for the damn bus for 5 hours and 57 mins (ok, metaphorically, but I think an hour or so, but still, felt like forever)
  • I walked up and down around and around the "golden triangle"- Sungei Wang, Low Yat and Imbi to find Charmed box set but to no avail
  • The chinese DVD sellers were very rude when I asked them about the DVD, only ONE answered politely
  • After gave up searching, I decided to settle for usual DVDs, but once I flipped through the catalogue, the shop started to closing down (Police were coming!)
  • I managed to choose 4 DVDs, but one of it has ran out of stock (Then don't put it in your catalogue, always check your stock silly!). I had to settle with 3 for RM12 each.
  • Back at home, 1 of them (Twister, one of my earliest favourite) was unplayable.
  • National Treasure DVD is not with special features. I'm completely pissed off.
  • My legs are aching right now. Too many walking I guess.

3 (or 2) DVDs are not worth it for a day of hustle. Luckily, White Chicks (Unrated & Uncut version) was perfect. I laughed until my eyes got teary. STRICTLY RECOMMENDED!!!



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