Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tomorrow's The Day

Yes, tomorrow's 22nd of June, the date anticipated (or feared) by many, when IPTA admission results will be out! So what I'm expecting for tomorrow? Hmm... well, of course to get one of my first 4 chosen courses! Hope (and pray) for the best! Meanwhile, for 2 days starting tomorrow, I'll be on leave to the MTEN Economic Forum for Matriculation Students at Dynasty Hotel, KL. My practicum fellows, Firdaus, Faizal, and Shah will join me there. So as the event's title suggest, expect lots and lots of talks. But who cares! Meeting my fellow members is more than what I could ask for. Plus, we'll get free meals throughout the day, and room to stay for the night, and it comes at no cost! Yeah, you heard (or saw) it right, it's FREE!


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