Sunday, July 24, 2005

Fantastic Four, Da Vinci Code, and Theatre Club.



Yesterday, I was so bored in my room, having finished 85% of my assignments, I HAVE TO GET OUT! So I got dressed, and quickly made my way to the bus stop. After waiting for the damn bus for AN HOUR AND A HALF, I walked all the way from Za'ba, uphill to Ibrahim Yaa'kub, downhill to Ungku Omar, through Pusanika, all the faculties, and lastly arrived at DECTAR, which surprisingly, only took half an hour. I took a bus to KTM station, and after another half an hour, I arrived at Mid Valley. Quickly went upstairs, straight to GSC and bought a ticket. Initially planned for "The Island" but due to the 'second-seat-from-the-screen' factor, had to change to "Fantastic Four". Well, the movie was pretty good. Kinda worth my money.



After finished watching the movie, I went downstairs to MPH, planned to get myself a copy of the new Harry Potter, but after watching the RM99 price tag, I changed my mind to the criticallly-acclaimed, last year's bestseller Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. Man, this is pure genius. If you like CSI, mystery solving, thriller kinda of books, seriously, this is a MUST! Once you read it, you won't put it down.


After buying the book, I rushed to the commuter station, and headed back to UKM. At 8pm, I had a theatre club meeting. I don't know where did they got my phone no, but I got an SMS saying that I've to attend a meeting last Friday night, and this is the second. We had a casting session (hahaha, like I love doing it), and cast choosing session. And guess what? I'm one of the cast! Huhuhu. We will stage it on Aug 10th, which might be the date of the Final Akademi Fantasia Concert. Oh please no!!!


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