Sunday, July 17, 2005

FFM - What on Earth are you Thinking Juries?

Have anybody heard the news? Maybe I'm not a big supporter for Malay films, but this is totally crap! 18th instalment of FFM (Festival Filem Malaysia - the coutry's equivalent to Oscars) was held last night. The results were so bullsh*t that I can't believe my ears when I heard them on ERA.FM this morning. While the juries tend to look 'cool' by honouring Sepet for Best Picture over the RM20 mil epic Puteri Gunung Ledang, the rest were nothing but crap! The main complaint - Best Actress category was won by Erra Fazira for her triple role as a gedik teenage, monkey-like crazy woman, and a very annoying and gatal grandma in Hingga Hujung Nyawa. God, what were the juries thinking? While Rosyam Noor, carrying another triple role in Gangster much much much better than Erra did, lost to TV-drama actor Zamarul Hisham in Di Ambang Misteri. Honestly, I have yet to watch the movie (and maybe will never), but I've watched Gangster and Rosyam did very well for all three roles. That was an advantage for him.


syafiqII said...

watever it is,i love it that sepet won :)

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