Friday, July 01, 2005

Half Past 2005

Whoa... it''s the second half of 2005 already! So unbelievable. It's like a couple of months ago I was alone in my room at matriculation, on the new year's eve. Well, lots of things happened during the first half.

Today I was asked by mom to do some "serious" preparation, and one of it is cleaning up my green, four-drawer high plastic cabinet, which I bought at matriculation. On the last day there, I stuffed all my things in it and brought it back home. And since then, I rarely check it out. As I open all the drawers, and took all the things out, boy oh boy, it feels sooo like those times. My notes, tutorials, photos, they were all there. It's so memorable. You know what? If I were given a chance to relive my memory, it will definitely be a year ago. I hope to meet all my practicum mates for some reunion many years from now.


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