Thursday, July 21, 2005

Yay! No More RM3.80 = 1 USD!

Thank you Malaysia! I was reading Utusan Malaysia Online when I stumbled upon the article that says that the 1 Ringgit bind to 3.80 US dollar has been officially ABOLISHED! I knew this moment will come, but not this sudden! Yay! And today, the 1 US Dollar stands at RM3.78 and I'm sure will be lower and lower. In 1997, before the economy slow down, 1 US Dollar once reached RM2.70! Whoa! I'm not hoping for that to happen again (not this year, at least) but if the ratio become smaller, the price for international goods at eBay will be cheaper too! Can't wait for that!


PiXiE-AnYsE said...

wakakakakka !!! pasnie bleh la blanje ek.. wakakaka .. wei nk hp !!~ merane aku x pki hp ko tau x..ko sdp2 pki 2 hp..banyak cantek muke ko... gygyt kang. haha

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