Sunday, August 07, 2005

AkaMAWI Fantasia

MAWI : "Are you kidding? Of course I knew I'll get the golden one!"

As the WHOLE nation know, last Saturday was the finale of the most predictable season of Akademi Fantasia. I watched the show at my college cafe's big screen projector, which was full packed of students. Amylea was certainly my winner. She's only a bit less than the powerhouse Jac. But the Mawi-ness was everywhere, so AFvokal went to him, AFbaik wnet to him, and AFundi went to him too. Thankfully Amylea was in top 3. So guess what will you hear a LOT on ERA.FM in the coming months? None other than Aduh Saliha (Mawi), Ku Berserah (Amylea), Untuk Terakhir Kali (Marsha) and Warkah Berlagu Pilu (Felix)!


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