Thursday, August 18, 2005

At Last... My Own Notebook


Alhamdulillah, after weeks of waiting, finally I'm typing on my own notebook, the Presario M2000. Yes, you read it right. I'm home right now, minutes after receiving this notebook. God, just can't describe the feeling now. One of my top wishlist is happening, and I just can't be happier. Thank God. Thank you very very much. And my dad too, who makes this possible.


FiEveLsKi said...

uh hu best giler lerr dapat laptop baru...pi mampoih makan cokelat dulu...hehe jangan emotional....Nyway tahniah laptop baru but sadly to say a few days ago fatmi ask for the ip address from the comp. dept but then she returned back to say that there's no more room for new wireless application for IP. looks like u still hav to compete in getting pc (with internet connection) in the free cc. haha looks like u can't comment me banyak2. nyway just try ur luck tommorow coz ari jumaat selaunyer tak sibuk...cubelarr gi tanye kat abang gemook tue....=))))

Adian said...

tau... fatmi dah bgtau aritu. anyway, kat kolej ade wireless, so kurangla keperluan nak berebut kat fac tu. hihi. adoi, walau di fac atau di rumah, kau terus menghantui blog ku ini. "oh hentikanlah, menghantuiku..." (Pulangkan)

aReNisPiNky said...

waaa... i hate it ..!! 1st he get da new hp .. n i get da sencond hand phone from him !! u know wat ? da 2nd hand phone reli2 make me sick !! cm bangkai .. x pe x pe.. den he get a new notebook?! huh .. why ? why ? hahah wei benci ah ko asik dpt yg baru2 je.. pas2 2nd hand ko kasi kt aku kan .. taek kuceng tol la.. abg yg x gune.. x pe ngko.. x pe.. jap g aku gigit ko (on da way)

ANISluvPINK said...

Dont be 2 hepi bout it cos ill pull back da laptop if your study deteriorating. Jgn ashik btenet smpi lupe stadi. Well make use of the internet for digging useful info 4 ur study ++ akmar a.k.a ur dad ++

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