Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Coming Soon - EVO

Last week, I attended the first meeting of "Publishing and Information Secretariate" (Sekretariat Penerbitan and Informasi), which I signed my name for it. As a standard procedure on the first meeting, we have to choose the leader, vice leader, secretary, treasurer, etc. And besides that, because of the secretariate's responsiblities including creating the college website and newsletter, so we have to create a team to manage the website, and another for the newsletter. Actually I prefer to work for the website, but there's already two seniors from FTSM (Information Science and Technology Faculty) volunteered, so guess who's the Editor-in-Chief for the college newsletter? Hehe. Given my experience of handling the graphic / layout / photography / article of my school's magazine, I hope to handle this as best as possible. The first task for me was to prepare a paperwork for the monthly newsletter to be submitted to the 'pengetua' of my college. So yesterday, I arranged a meeting for the newsletter's team to discuss several things to be included in the paperwork. One of them is to come up with the newsletter's title - which was the HARDEST part. Several ideas came, from Warkah Pendeta to MyZ, but lastly we settled on EVO, derived from "evolution" - meaning the progression of changing from one thing to another - which reflects this college as a fresh, new college changing to a renowned and mature one. So the first publication will be in mid-August, so we have to work very hard to make sure the target will be reached. (It's already Aug 3rd!)


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