Sunday, August 07, 2005

A Day With the Sudanese

Superb! That's the word to describe last Friday's programme with the architecture students from UKM and University of Khartoum, Sudan. The programme was one of the activities in the delegation's one week visit to Malaysia. We did all the preparations from a week earlier, and it paid off worthily. The delegates arrived at 9am, and we were divided into 13 groups. Mine was group 8, consisting of me, Anuar and Beh (1st year), three seniors, and Mysa, Yusuuf and (I forgot her name) from UKH. The activity for the morning was to build a kite and a lantern, which will be judged later. My group separated in 2, one for the lantern, another for the kite. I was in lantern. Beh originally had the sketch of a lantern, but Mysa thought it was a little boring, so she drastically redesigned it, and we loved it. So we made the lantern from bamboo sticks and coloured paper, and God, the result was astonishing. Although our's was a little smaller compared to other group's lantern, but it was beautiful. Mysa was a genius. The activity ended at 12 noon, where we had our (FREE!) lunch and went straight to Friday prayers. At 2pm, the second activity started, where the UKM group taught and explained some of the famous Malaysian traditional games. My group started with congkak, then Batu Seremban, and Zero Point (the game of two people holding a rope while another people skipping at the center. I didn't even know it was called Zero Point!). It was very fun to explain the rules of the game, especially for congkak, where we skipped the part of "bombing the opponent's house" because we taught it was so "leceh" to explain. But in the end, I ended up playing the Sudanese game, which was so fun and at the same time "ganas", where we pushing each other to reach for an object, I ended up waking the next morning with my whole body aching. Hehe. The activity ended at 6pm, and we all headed to the field to fly our group's kites. At first, our kite stayed up the longest, but becaused of our lecturer's "little invisibility", we had to do a second round, and our kite was the second. We were so happy to beat other 11 (or actually 12) groups! Hehe. We then headed for the (FREE AGAIN!) dinner, and I went back to the college to change for baju Melayu, for the night's Cultural Night (which I'm happy for not taking part). The night started with the arrival of the Dean, and all the group representative holding their respective lantern on the stage (I was holding my group's!) And unexpedly, the hall were asked to sing Negaraku and Varsiti Kita (which we didn't remember at all!) So, with all the spotlights flashing to us, we moved our lips, and mimed the backing track, OUT OF SYNC with the original track. DAMN IT! It was a disaster. Thankfully, little of the audience notice the damn thing (I doubt if they even remember the song!). But the rest of the night was fantastic. There's a sketch, zapin, break dance and fashion show from UKM, and there's a singing and singing and some more singing from UKH. And the best part was at the near end of the night, where the prize giving ceremony was held. My group won 2nd place for the kite, and the 1st place for the lantern! Hehe. But somehow, I was unsurprised. At the end of the night, we took pictures and changed e-mails. The Sudanese were very friendly, and I hope they're as much satisfied as we were. Last Friday was a (yet another)memorable day.


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