Sunday, August 07, 2005

Happy Birthday Twin!

Sara2_1Whew, I make 5 entries in my blog today! Hoho, so much to say. So, for the last but certainly not least, this last entry was dedicated to my dearest twin who celebrating her 19th birthday today, Sarah. I met her at the second semester in my practicum at the matriculation. We hardly spoke at first, but after sometime (and a very funny "incident"- you know better, twin!), we became a very best friends or twins - as we both often referring to each other. Why twin? Hmm... maybe because we shared a lot of thoughts together and we think alike. She's taking computer graphics in UNIMAS right now. Wishing you good luck in your future twin!


sayRA said...

Haha, xper Jazz, Fiveelski tu my studio member la. Time die type comment tu pun i tgk. Don't worry k. haha, anyway he has his own blog too.

aReNisPiNky said...

eke eleh.. nk buffday buffday twin.. gigit kang..

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