Sunday, August 07, 2005

I Swear to Myself NOT to Enter This Thing Ever Again!

And what is that thing? Of course THEATRE! Damn it! It was soooo time consuming, everyday from 9 pm and up to 1 am I'll be repeating the same sh*t all over again, everyday with additional "improvements" and "polishing" here and there. My character, as a nerd in love, is soooo silly to a level you can't imagine. Everyday I practised with a lot of tense in my head, with the director(s) gradually losing their tempers everytime they reach my scene. Damn you! I'm not a nerd, and I never fell in love (just liking someone), and you expect me to "live" the character like a pro? God, I'm soooo in a burning desire to curse someone right now! Man, if I'm so shittily talented, I'll join Akademi Seni Kebangsaan (or maybe Akademi Fantasia), not UKM! YOU CAN'T FORCE SOMEONE TO DO BEYOND HIS LIMIT! AND WITH THIS I'M HAPPILY SWEAR BY MY WHOLE LIFE, NOT TO ENTER THIS DAMN THING EVER AGAIN!!!!!

(Phew, so relieving. I'm sure it will be more relieving on 13th August, after the actual performance)


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