Monday, August 01, 2005

Memorable Port Dickson

Whew, the 4-days-and-3-nights camping trip to Port Dickson ended yesterday, and our beloved lecturers gave us a complimentary 1 day off today. Love you guys! So, I'm in the computer lab all day today and use the internet as much as I want - hahaha, how good that sounds? So the trip went like this....


We took off from UKM at 9.30am with 2 buses (so much for the arrive-at-8-or-we'll-go-without-you warning), with envious eyes everywhere around us whispering "we have to endure books while they're on a trip!" Sorry guys. Architecture is always special. Hahaha. Coincidentally, PTPTN money arrived on the same morning, so it's a very "orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal" situation or in this case "orang pergi trip disorongkan wang". (DAMN IT, I ONLY GOT RM900 EACH SEMESTER!). We arrived at 11 at Port Dickson, took our lunch (or branch for those who haven't took their breakfast), and at 1, we arrived at Eagle Ranch and Resorts (where an episode of Explorace was taped here) and unpacked our luggage off the bus. We were brought to our tents (honestly, I HATE TENTS!!!), but thank Goodness they're already constructed. We were welcomed by stupid mosquitoes which crazily sucked our blood like some kind of bloody party. The first activity was 'live skecthing', which we should go anywhere around the resort (I chose the beach), and draw 5 live skecthings of objects, scenery, etc. Shitly, I misunderstood the task and did the assignment wrongly. (actually, many did). The activity ended at 5, and all of the guys were so damn eager to go to the swimming pool. Oh please! I've had enough pools since I was a child. There's nothing fun in it, other than you go "berendam" like a bluehyppo, and pretend to swim (the pool is shallow, so nobody knows if you're really know to swim or not). At 6.30 pm, we went to PD city (not city, bandar la) and my tent group of 4 choose to have our dinner at Pizza Hut, using Hotlink complimentary set as "yeah, so special" prices. Back at campsite, I didn't remember what happened, but let's move on to the most exciting part, which was at 4am in the morning, where suddenly the rain poured DAMN HEAVILY, like it haven't rain since years ago. Most of us put their shoes, towels, used clothes outside, and you can imagine how we felt right at the moment. And adding insult to injury, some of our tents were flooded including mine! Thankfully, one of my tent-mate was using sleeping bag, so the sleeping bag absorb all the water from flowing to my side! It's really a mixture of angry and funny situation.


We awoke amidst a sad feeling, looking at all our wet things outside the tent (including some inside, caused by the tent-flooding tragedy), had our breakfast, and got dressed for the Malacca trip. We took off at 9am, and along the route, the bus stopped at Masjid Tanah, waiting for the other bus which has sesat and suddenly, lots of matriculation memories flooding my memory. Masjid Tanah is our main outing spot during the weekends. Lots of things happened here with my friends. Very sentimental feeling. We arrived at Malacca at 11am (yeah, it took longer time than UKM-PD). So the second assigment began. We were asked to sketch (not draw, we're not fine artists to do the very detail thingy) 5 sketches comprised of 3 exteriors and 2 interiors of buildings and shophouses around the Stadhuys and Jonker's Street. We have to be back at the buses at 3pm, so it should be done as fast as possible. So if you're there on that day, you can see lots of people (meaning us) carrying their A3 size sketch book everywhere and sketching at the roadside. Honestly, this was no easy task. Some of us (including me) choose to work individual, not in group, and there's a lot of heads turning to me while i'm sketching. Sometimes we felt like "artis jalanan". hahaha. But task is task. I'll keep saying to myself "ignore them and do your work fast!". The girls reportedly being photoed by foreigners while sketching. Hahaha. I haven't took my lunch when I realized it's already 2.45, so I rushed back to the bus hungrily. Damn it! I thought the bus gonna stop for lunch en route back, but no! At night, each tent-groups have to do a performance, my tent group didn't prepare anything! Thanks to one of my tent mate, he did a card trick while the other three including me just stood at the front silently. Hahaha. Thank God the night was rain-free.


Today is the most "unhectic" day, when we just have to finish any unfinished task the days before, along with a little assignment asking us to collect some materials to be used in our next project. Heh, there's lots of materials in my college. So, I re-did my wrong first assignment on the first day and touch-uped my second assignment on the second day. On the night, there's a souvenir giving "ceremony", where we had to give a little memorabilia to our "ballot picked" friend the night before. I got a man which I'm not so very very NOT pleased with. You know, the kind of guy who act like "otai" and wore "oh so otai" clothes. So, hell I'm not buying anything for him. Instead, I picked a rock from the beach and wrote his name on it. There you go! I have little doubt that the rock will even reach UKM. Maybe he'll throw it outside his tent. Hahaha. Again, the night was rain-free.


Basically, we did nothing on this day, just cleaned the campsite and pack our things back to the bus. We took off at 10, stopped for breakfast at 11, and arrived at UKM at 12-1. There's lots of memorable things I experienced here. I got to know lots of names that I haven't know existed in my class before, and got closer to the people I already know.


I missed three nights of practice during the trip. And after arriving at 1pm, I got a message asking me to go to the Panggung Seni at 2! What? I'm already baked in tiredness! So I go and had some practice at the actual stage (thankfully the performance was delayed from August 10th to 13th), where we practiced from 2PM TO 10.30PM! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?


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