Sunday, August 07, 2005

PC Fair

Yesterday (Sunday), I went to the PC Fair at the newly opened KLCC Convention Centre. God, it was SOOOO DAMN CROWDED! The speed of walking can reach 1km per hour! So hard to walk, so hard to breathe, holy, it was hectic at it's max. There I found Jazz, who asking my consultation (so what am I now? IT consultant? Haha) to buy an MP3 player. She ended up buying Creative MuVo TX FM 512MB for RM340. I met my family there (I took commuter from UKM), and surveyed for notebook's model. I was simply startled by the money saving notebook from Compaq and Acer, priced at RM3K+. (3 (and many more soon) of my friends are already using the Compaq, making it less unique) The specifications were dazzling enough, and the design was a candy for my eye. So, my dad had a check with my uncle who, according to my dad, can get us the supplier's price. O whatever. It's his money, not mine. (Hey no, I put RM1000! The balance is on my dad's. Haha) So, I hope to get my fingers feeling the notebook in this month. Haha, so anticipating!


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