Friday, August 26, 2005


The title says it. I don't know what to name this entry, just want to recap what happened on Thursday and Friday (today) cos I have a lot of free time right now, sitting in the cafe, enjoying wireless broadband (rumours have it that the wireless will reach our rooms next month at RM100 per semester, wow! hope it's true). Anyway, yesterday I had my first ever presentation with my ready-made. There's two session, one with the lecturers (i didn't have to say anything, they just took a look and wrote down marks), but the second session included the seniors (they gave marks too!), but fortunately, the reaction was positive, apart from some minor critism. Personally I was quite satisfied with this project, and considering that that was my first one, minor yadda-yadda could be forgiven. And today, I woke up at 8.45am (there's an extra class at 9), and amidst the hurry, my handphone suddenly missing in action. Damn it! Nevertheless, I went to class only to find it has ended (I arrived at 9.30, the class only lasted for minutes cos the lecturer just gave notes and left. again, damn it!) I went back to my room, and thankfully found the phone inside my pillowcase. Can you believe it? And my mood this morning has been ruined by this "lost phone" worry. Nevertheless, I've planned a day with Afeeq at his room today, and for the first time I went to his room since I stepped on the UKM soil. God, his room's two times bigger than mine! We watched 50 First Dates and My Best Friend's Wedding DVDs and this weekend, his college has been chosen for an "abang/kakak angkat" program, where each room will receive an "adik angkat" from form 4/5, where they'll share the room for the whole weekend. Wow, I love such program. unfortunatly, my college might not be chosen cos our room's wayyyy too small. After maghrib we went to Ungku Omar to have dinner and he sent me back to my college. And then there's Anugerah Skrin and I watched it till it ended just now, so I opened my notebook and I logged on to Friendster and I typed this blog.


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