Monday, August 29, 2005

Wifi in Studio!

Today, I brought my notebook to the studio, and miraculously, I got wireless broadband here! I thought we have to register for IP address or something. But looks like surely we don't have to (at least for today). So right now, I'm surfing on the net, while munching in some chocolate bun I bought from upstairs. Hehehe. And today too, we got new assignment. We have to build a 'shelter for meditation' for a person we choose. So today, we have to choose the person. I chose J.K. Rowling, the author of my lovable Harry Potter series. What did others chose? Let's see... Agatha Christie, Jay Chou, Slash, M. Nasir, A Samad Said, Alicia Keys, and Yusof Haslam are some that I remember. And given until Thursday next week, we have to present about the person (the character, philosophy, etc.) So now, I have to do a thorough research about Ms. Rowling. And by the way, I uploaded a new photo album containing some pics during my college patriotic booth's setup last week. Enjoy!


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