Sunday, September 25, 2005


Aaarghhh!!! What curse did I carry along? From last night straight to today, I got struck by endless holy sh*t bad luck. First, last night, at the weekly college magazine meeting, we were told that a *&@#!&*^ fellow (cum our advisor - which we didn't even know we had one!) has revised our copy of to-be-printed first edition of EVO, and guess what did she change? EVERYTHING! Every single inch of the copy was stained with her damn red pen ink. WHAT THE F*#&!!!!!! DA%N!!!!!! ARRGGHHH!!!! So, we're asked to do it back, with gazillions of corrections, and new contents, BEFORE the end of this week. And I have like a million more assignments to be done. AARRRGGHHH!!!! again. And early this morning, the bus which I took to the faculty did not stop there, instead at Education Faculty, so I had to walk quite a distance back to mine. And no, no, the streak of bad luck didn't end there, my ATM card got stuck and 'telan'ned by the da*n BCB ATM machine while i tried to withdraw money for my breakfast. I called the 1-300-880-900 hotline (which thank God, not some sort of RM1.95 per minute), and the operator told me that the card will be sent to the branch which I opened my BCB account (which is at Sri Gombak) in one week's time. WHAT!!! How the hell I'm supposed to collect it! Aaarrgghh!!! again. So, she gave me the branch's phone no, which I'm still not sure what to do with it. Thank God I still have my Maybank ATM card, which is usable at the BCB ATM, or I'll be left hungry and angry this morning.


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