Wednesday, September 07, 2005

BZ Day

Right now I'm in communication class (yeah, I'm in the class) where the group meeting presentation is currently in session. My group did it just now, and I'm quite satisfied (I'm the chairman! so poyo). So, because others are opening their notebooks finishing their presentation in Photoshop, I also open la, but to write this entry (my presentation already finished yesterday - I'm the first one!). It's interesting to see all of the students using notebooks yesterday in the studio, like we're some IT students. So, I took some shots, and last night pasted them altogether as a wallpaper, which I'm currently using now.


Later this afternoon, we'll be presenting our chosen character for the shelter project. I'll post about it later. Bye!


FiEveLsKi said...

how can u forget bout me? u hurt my feelings a lot.

ha ha at that momment mebbe i have already finish but then i found it very very uninformative. so basically i redo all over again that night n it happen i just finished it up just in time juust before our group was called...

ha ha gedix...

-president gedix cokelat -

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