Monday, September 05, 2005

Finally Yet Surprisingly... Digital Camera

Phew... I don't know how to start this entry. I'm still in a state of unbelieve. So, let's start from the beginnning. While doing our (me, Jenn & Din) assignments at the cafe last Saturday, Jenn asked me if I can join her and Marina to Times Square. Politely, I replied "thanks, but no, I've sick playing the same game again, and pay RM25 for it!". But, as fate have it, Din's notebook broke (as a cause of some stupid Windows Update, poor him, he's just finished some of the assignments. I don't know how many thousand times I'll be cursing if that happens to me. So, after failing to reapir it myself, I suggested him to take to the shop where he bought the notebook to get it repaired, which is at Low Yat, which is a walk away to Times Square! So, we (me, Din, Marina & Jenn) planned to go to KL together the next morning. So at 9am Sunday, we took the commuter to KL Sentral and monorail to Imbi station. Then we went straight to Low Yat (where I found Encarta Encyclopaedia DVD and less than 10 seconds after that, bought it). At the shop, while Din did the talking with the shop owner, I, Jenn & Marina looked at the glass showcase counter, and noticed a BenQ digital camera similar to one of my senior’s which I found very handy to use. She (my senior) bought it in 2004 at RM500+, I waited for the price to fall this year, but instead BenQ introduced new model series this year, with prices starting at RM500+ again. So, virtually you can’t get this model anymore at the market. Thanks to this shop who still kept it. And the price? I thought that it will be around RM300+, but I was soooo wrong. It’s RM150!!!! Holy Lord! RM150 for a known branded 3.1 megapixel digicam! Beat that! So, without hesitating, I withdrew money and bought it! Whew, it was sooo out of control. I just can’t let it go. I also bought the 256MB SD card at RM73, after RM9 discount, thanks to Marina who spoke fluent Mandarin. Then, after lunch we had a bowling game. It’s been verrryyy long since I surpassed 100 mark for a game. Then, we followed Marina & Jenn shopped for some clothes, purse, etc. Girls will always be girls! :) At 4pm, we collected the notebook back, and unfortunately, the previous data couldn’t be saved. Poor Din!!! We reached UKM at 7pm, and holy sh*tly, there’s no bus, and taxi too!!! After maghrib, we continued searching for taxi, which we only get one at 8.20pm! Damn! But it was fun day, and the Encarta DVD I bought was fabulous! From Alexander The Great to Tun Mahathir, Egyptian pyramids to KLCC, JK Rowling to Britney Spears, you name it, Encarta got it! Articles, photos, audio, video. Wow! This is amazing! Save my time searching the net for hours! Soooo worth more than RM15 I paid for it. So, as I promised earlier, as soon as I get a digicam, I'll post personal pics here. So, for the first time, take a look at my studio and my readymade.

I love my place!!!

Don't understand my readymade? Don't fret. Lots of others too!


Jasmin said...

hey there adian,
thats damn cool laa u bought that digi u think they hav sum more or is the one u bought is d last one.. if possible i aso wan 2 get 1 4 my self...

Adian said...

hehe... sorry. last unit la... me and my friends also rebut2. haha.

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