Monday, September 05, 2005

Krit Session


For our final project, we're asked to design a 'shelter for meditation' for our chosen character, at our chosen location. For me, I choose JK Rowling as the character, but have yet to choose the location yet. So for this week, we have to do a presentation for our chosen character, so I spent 5-day-holiday last week to do a research about her. The presentation will be on Thursday, and today is the 'krit session' ('krit' derived from 'kritik', where the lecturers will turn to some sort of American Idol judges, commenting about the students' work). And the picture above is my A4 example of presentation panel (the real one on Thurdsay will be on A3). Overall, I received positive comments, and I have to do a little touch-ups here and there. And below is a pic of 'krit' of one of us. (He chose Michael Schumaker)



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