Friday, September 02, 2005

Let It Be

I've just got back from the meeting with Vice Chancellor and members of Aspirasi club (huhu, sounds sooo politics), but I'm not there for the politics agenda, I (together with Jenn and Marina, two of my newest best friends here) were there to know the results of the patriotic booth contest which we dedicated 4 tiring nights to. And the results? We got consolation (which all of the participants from every college got too). The top 3 hall of fame? Tun Syed Nasir, Aminuddin Baki, and Keris Mas. KTSN's booth, as long as I could remember, is not so outstanding. Ungku Omar was better. And Aminuddin Baki? Their booth is more like a florist, I'm telling you. Full of fake, artificial, plastic flowers. Very makcik style. (But they're the one who organized this thing, so sendiri mau ingat la...). And Keris Mas, I hate saying this to Keris Mas (again!) but their booth sooo jawa style. Full of batik jawa as the backdrop. A disaster for the eye. This is getting really annoying. KTSN and Keris Mas are like, two must-top-3 team in anything they got themselves into. Bloody hell. But, as the title suggest, let it be. And I will.


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