Monday, September 26, 2005


Right now, as I am typing this entry, we're having a pin-up session, (pin-up session is a step further from krit session, where we'll be pasting our sketches, plans, etc. at the main square of the faculty). Mine has just ended, thankfully in less than 5 minutes (while others had like 15 minutes each of bashing) with some pretty positive advice. Sometimes it's pretty annoying, when we design something simple, the lectures said it's lack of character, but when we design something so character-driven, out of ordinary, the lectures will say it was too show-off (most of our characters for the shelters are humble person). And last night, two third of us spent the night outside of the studio, as the studio was closed at 10pm (some stayed until 5am!), but thankfully I managed to get some sleep.


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