Thursday, September 08, 2005

Presentation Cancelled... and Another 5 Day Holiday Extravaganza

Damn! You read it. The presentation we're supposed to do later this afternoon was cancelled. After the communication class ended on 10am, students swarmed the office to get their presentations printed. And there's some problems at the office, and meanwhile, I, although have finished printing my presentation yesterday, in desperate need to print the EVO by today (Kak Shikin asked to see it tonight!), so me, Alias and Ainul collected all their files and went to Bangi to print it. Thank God I've print it yesterday at the office at RM2.50/piece. Here it costs RM8! But after reasoning with the owner, we got RM6. And after waiting for sooo long (even after went to Warta and had lunch and still didn't finish), we finally got the prints at 1.30pm. And when we're back at the studio, the news came to our ears. Sh*t! Nevertheless, we still have to send the presentation board by tomorrow. But guess what? Monday and Tuesday are holiday! (although I don't know for what) so we had a 5-DAY HOLIDAY, AGAIN!!! Whew, but it comes with a price, which is the shelter project, which will require a grreeaaattt amount of time of brain-squeezing. Posted below is the pics of me and Alias at the food court.


My final product.


PiXiE-AnYsE said...

hey u noe wat.. u look nsem la dlm pic 2.. seriously .. hahahahah

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