Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Suprise, Surprise!

Happy birthday!

Early today at midnight, I was left speechless when my friends throwed me a surprise birthday bash. But first, let me tell the story from the beginning. It is an everyday routine for me to have dinner with Jenn, Juden, Marina (and sometimes Lynn and Yana) at around 8-9pm. Yesterday, Juden and Marina couldn't make it, so I had dinner with Jenn, Lynn and Yana. After the dinner, Lynn and Yana left, and I repaired Jenn's notebook (which I had promised earlier), and then Jenn's friend came and chat with us, while I playing around with my newly installed 3D Home Architect software got from my friend. It was 11.30pm when Lynn and Yana came back, then Jenn left 'to toilet' for sooo long, then Juden came, ask for Jenn, and left again. (Which I was sooo dumb for not suspect anything, thanks to Yana and Lynn who kept me buzy chatting and surfing the net). Then at 12.08am, Juden, Jenn, and Marina came from nowhere, with a candle-lit cake, singing 'Happy Birthday' (thank God there's a very few people at the cafe), and I was like "Oh my God!" (I didn't even realize it's already 12am). I was so touched, this is my first time surprise birthday - contrary to my last year's at Matriculation, which a very few people noticed. So, we had cake - and again I was surprised by the "icing throwing" tradition. I was in horrible mess! At 1am, back at room, my cellphone started buzzing with SMSs from friends (because there's no coverage at the cafe), and thank you to Jazz, who spent over 8 minutes calling me. To Jenn, Marina, Juden, Lynn, and Yana, yesterday was a night I'll be sure to remember for my entire life. You guys are wonderful! And to all who SMSed, called, and testimonial-ed me through Friendster, thank you!


ANISluvPINK said...

wat ? thx to who sms yeah ? owh ok.. its ok.. ur welcome.. cewah.. ekekekeke.. u know wat .. during my bday also sum of my fren mek a surprised cake.. hahahaha.. like brother like sister meh ... hehe.. wah.. mine is on 09sept n u 21sept.. dis is wat ppl called.. like brother like sister.. huhuhu !! **nak gift..**

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