Monday, October 31, 2005

Goodbye For Now

I officially ended my first semester and left UKM yesterday. Architecture students were among the last one left, majority of other students already went back home days before, so UKM was like a deserted place with empty parking lots, empty toilets, empty college and cafes closed. In what has been only months, thousands of memories were already made here, joy and despair, laugh and tears shared together with my friends. 2 months of holiday will surely make me miss you guys!


faRa-D said...

WAH!!! 2 bln tuuuu... huhu.... sorry for everything & of course ...thanks for all the moments of tears & laughter we've been through together...hehehe... gonna miss "geng gossip" serta ALL the studio peeps VERY MUCH ...(ala...2bln je kan...but still.... waaaa...!!) per lagik adian... jom kite qadha tdo kite yg terbengkalai satu minggu straight tuh.... :P

Adian said...

heheh... aku skrg tido pas sahur bangun trus bebuka. (tp smyg bangunla) hebat x?

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