Thursday, October 27, 2005

Most Hectic Week. Ever.

It's been a pretty long time since I last updated this blog (several days only actually) and that's because of our preparation for final review on coming Sunday and Monday. There's a hell of works to be finished, I finally done with my model last night, but there's still some drawings to be completed. Since a week ago, I practically spent 3/4 of my day at the studio, working till sahur and subuh, then get to my room to catch some sleep, woke at 12pm, and went back to the studio. That is my routine now, and the studio now opened 24 hours, as the final review approaching. The exam so far had been pretty good (I guess!) but we're still have another paper, Mathematics this Saturday, which I practically prepared nothing! God, I just have no time. Thank God I enjoy this course, plus my happening coursemate, make the tireness unfelt.

Do you think JK Rowling would like to live here?


faRa-D said...

yahyah!!! bz x igt dunia punya kes... but then, sempat gak kite tubuhkan geng gossip ek... keke...gonna miss those moments la....

Adian said...

me too. last 2 week's been the best times. fun + tense all reached the max level.

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