Saturday, October 08, 2005



While watching NTV7 tonight, a text promo scrolled through the screen, announcing that episode 1 and 2 of "Survivor: Guatemala" will be aired simultaneously this midnight, and episode 3 and 4 some other midnight (I can't remember). So, I tuned in. I thought that this is the 9th or 10th season but when I checked the net, it is the 11th!

I was once a huge huge huge fan of Survivor since it's 2nd season (Australia) when I was in form 2/3, and with the new concept of "reality TV" became a worldwide phenomenon, I was so obsessed with the show, following every single episode, crawling the net for rumours. I watched through the 3rd season (Africa), 4th (Marquesas), 5th (Thailand), 6th (Amazon), 7th (Pearl Islands) and 8th (All Stars), but starting the 9th season (Vanuatu), I kinda had enough of Survivor "fever", and furthermore I didn't watch much TV in matriculation. So, I didn't catch a single episode from the 9th and the 10th (Palau), and NTV7 too, has stopped showing it. So tonight, I was surprised when it chose to air the first 4 episodes of Guatemala, maybe to keep up with current episode in the US, and air it 1-day delay beginning the 5th episode, as it did with the earlier season.


D i a n e m o n said...

ooh yeah! i've watched it too. seemed like very very interesting. they've thought up some real good surprises. real excited and really looking forward on seeing this season of Survivor Guatemala. ps: blake is kinda cute heehee..

Adian said...

cute but sakit je memanjang. pempuan2 tua pun lagi sihat dr die. hehehe

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