Thursday, October 13, 2005

Video iPod


First, it played video. Then, it show photos. Now, Apple has just introduced its new iPod yesterday, capable of playing video. Yeah, VIDEO! And what's more interesting, its counterpart software iTunes 6 now has sections dedicated to music video and TV shows, and not just any TV show, it is non other than Lost and Desperate Housewives!!! (with more to come). But sadly, Malaysia have yet to be iTunes-able. I hope it will soon. And more on the downside, the new iPod only accept MPEG4 and H.264 video file format (which neither I use). So, until the new WMV, AVI, MPG-able iPod is produced, I better stick with my ol' Creative Zen Xtra.


D i a n e m o n said...

ku mahukan apple iPod!! jgn risau. masih dlm proses melobi bapakku. smart gile seh..isk i want! i want!

Adian said...

heheh... slamat melobi.

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