Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Day to Remember

Earlier this morning I was in full excitement to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Drove to Terminal Putra but the parking was do damn full so I had to go to park at Taman Melati station and catch the Putra from there. Arrived at KLCC at 1.15pm. I thought I had booked for the 2pm show but got the ticket for 3pm. Whatever la. Thankfully got discount as student. So, to spend the additional hour, I went to Kinokuniya and Tower Records. It is prohibited to take photos in Suria KLCC, so I can only snapped outside.

Whatever my lecturers said about it, I'll always love the twins.

After I took this pic I realized it's already 2.57pm so I quickly rushed to TGV.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (10 STARS out of 5!!!)

Totally awesome, totally extravagant, totally spectacular!!! Definitely the BEST Harry Potter movie EVER that you won't feel bored for a second in this 157 minutes long (2 hours 37 mins) installment. (Yeah, this is the longest edition too). The cast were amazing and really suited their respective roles perfectly. Despite being laden with CGI effects (which made this movie the most expensive in the WORLD), the brilliant storyline and great performances from the cast prevent this movie from being a soul-less visual feast. No need to say more, you just HAVE TO WATCH THIS A.S.A.P!

After the movie, I went to the washroom (of course la, everybody will). Then after I got out of the washroom, I heard some people talking "nak pergi salam dia tak?". Hmm... I suspected something. I proceeded with my mind thinking "Who could it be? Artis ke?". Then I saw. I was speechless. Siti? no.. Mawi? again, no. He's none other than one of my most cherished idol, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. This is my first time meeting him, and thankfully my camera's with me. So I went tak malu and asked one of his bodyguard (I guess) to take my picture with him. Totally an awesome day I won't forget.

He's a big hit.

Everybody wanted to shared their precious moments with him.

Wah, rapatnye plak. The pics are bit shaky cos my hands were shaky!

Thank God this person manage to capture my precious moment just perfect


faRa-D said...

waa....who knows, aura tun dr M sampai kat hang....nnt dah jadik PM nnt jgn lupe rakan geng gossip ko neh....muahaha!!

Adian said...

wah poyo

-ChikaChocky- said...

klu aku la...mesti aku ajak posing byk2... at least i pose juz like takeshi in GTO... hmmm *gud idea of me*

how's ur Harry Potter? puas ati?

Adian said...

hoho cam xde keje si PM tu nak dgr ckp ko. ramai lagik nak amik gamba ngan die. :)

ChikaDior said...

klu aku ajak, mesti dia nak. silap2 dia suh bodigad dia beli kamera satu sbb nak pose byk2 ngan aku

fara-D said...

bila cik nurul merapu..... :P

Adian said...


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