Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Harry Potter. Again?

Today, as planned, I went out with Afeeq to catch "Just Like Heaven". But I woke late! We reached Sungei Wang at 12.30, 15 minutes late than the supposed showtime. The next one was 7.10pm. So, we had to opt for another movie. Afeeq wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but I went "duh, I just watched it last week! I'm not spending another 2 and half hours for the same movie!" but he insisted. So, we came to a win-win resolution. I agreed to watch, BUT he's the one who pays! What a perfect solution. Muahaha. The movie only started at 3.10pm, so we went for zuhur and lunch at Kenny Rogers - simply delicious, but rather expensive for me (but still undeniably delicious!). Then, we went touring around.

Times Square main lobby.

Cosmo World - been there twice, never want to be again.

Waiting before showtime.

Harry Potter Dan Gelas Berapi - taken inside the cinema.

After the movie, we went to Sungei Wang, searching for DVDs. Afeeq bought some DVDs, while I got myself "War of the Worlds" and "LOST : The Complete First Season" boxset. Yippie! Back home at 8pm.

Sungei Wang Plaza

A night view on the way back to LRT-PUTRA.


ChikaDior said...

asyik tgk wayang je...

ko nyer dvd yg melambak tu, satu haper aku tak non ton agi.

Adian said...

hahaha. biasak r. la, tak nonton lagi ke? tu la, sibuk online je. kekeke.

ChikaDior said...

bukan...laptop ngan pc aku ni ntah pesal takleh read dvd.

bilik aku ada tv xde player. Takkan nk nonton kat bilik mak aku atau bilik adek aku lak. Nak tgk kat hall sengsorang aku takotttt......

Adian said...


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